Petition to lobby SDC to restore our lakes

Please take a look and sign our petition to ask Sevenoaks District Council to restore our lakes and park land.

Working Parties in 2018

Our 2018 working parties are on the second Saturday of every odd month starting at 9.30 by the monolith in the South park. March, May, July, September and November. Please come along for any time that suits you. We normally start packing up at around midday.

Paying annual subscriptions online

As we only manage to collect the £3 subscriptions from about half of the households in the area, we are trialing Paypal as a method of collecting subscriptions to save us from knocking on so many doors in June.

Feel free to use the Paypal link on the left and be sure to add your name and address where it states “Add special instructions to recipient.” If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s quick and easy to set up. All subscriptions go towards our campaign to restore the Lakes, helping advance other local causes of people and funding social events such as the Easter egg hunt.

[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”The Lakes”]BRA works on your behalf to secure the future of Bradbourne Lakes[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Local issues”]We take a lead on issues affecting the community such as crime and speeding[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”We need you” last=”true”]We need your help in making the area better for everyone[/fruitful_ibox]

If you have any special skills or are able to help in any way please contact us.