How Can You Help?

Becoming a member

The Bradbourne Resident’s Association (BRA) are always looking out for new members as we only have 350 BRA members out of a possible 600+ in the area covered by the BRA.

How can you join? By simply paying £2 per year, along with your name and address you will automatically become a member of the BRA – assuming you live in the area. Please contact us with your name and address if you are new to the area and wish to join or if haven’t been in when one of our Road Stewards has come round. You could also wait for one of our committee members to come round collecting the subs.

If you want to make a mobile payment please use the contact form and we’ll email or text you the number to use to pay your subs. Note that there will be the ability to pay online, via Paypal, set up soon for those who wish to do so. Subscriptions for existing members are due in June so please look out for us doing the rounds!


Please contact us if you’d like to get involved. Full details available from the link in the navigation.

Road Stewards

We also have an urgent need to recruit more Road Stewards since a number of our existing stewards have more than their fair share of responsibilities!

Our Chairman has frequently repeated his request for more volunteer support as our Road Stewards perform the vital role of maintaining ‘on the spot’ contact with members as well as collecting annual subscriptions.

Working parties

Of course, there’s also the bi-monthly working parties to help clean and tidy up the Bradbourne Lakes, these are every second Saturday of every second month, starting in March. Please come and join us for a couple of hours and help us improve and maintain this wonderful resource.

All residents and friends welcome. Please bring any tools you may have.

Be proactive!

We’ve had some wonderful help from residents who’ve spotted a problem and sorted it out themselves. If you do, please let us know so we can log it and report to Sevenoaks District Council. We do ask that you don’t cut down any vegetation or trees outside of the working parties unless it poses a health and safety risk.